Download and play Farm Defenders Windows Beta v.998

Farm Defenders is available for beta play on the Windows platform.

1) Download Farm Defenders Windows Beta v.998 setup file
2) Run the setup file to install Farm Defenders.
3) Specify the render quality for the game – Low, Medium, or High based on the quality of your computer hardware, if the game runs slowly, restart it and choose a lower quality

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Farm Defenders is a 3D farm simulation game spanning the entire continent of Africa. Create farms in every environment, from the lush tropics to the barren deserts. Grow your crops and become wealthy all while preventing disease, pests, and maximizing yield using real-life African farming techniques. The simulation is realistic to the details of the local soil type, weather, and natural challenges.

Genre: Strategy, Simulation, Sandbox
Beta Release Date (Windows): March 31, 2013 Beta Release Date (Mac): To Be Announced

  • Single Player

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